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Meet Your TLC Tutor

Meet Your TLC Tutor



Name: Aubree BakerTLC TUTOR AUBREE

How long have you been a TLC tutor: First Year

Major: Innovative Marketing and Management

Home town: Trenton, Michigan

Year in School: Sophomore Year

Dream Job: CEO of a non-profit


TLC: Other than a student, and a tutor, are you involved in anything else on campus?

You: Of course! On campus, I am involved in two Executive Boards. I am the PR for NU’s Honors Association and the PR for National Society of Leadership and Success. I am also involved in Signature Events Team (SET), and Student Alumni Network, as well as Rotary Club and Golden Z. I also plan to be on the Executive Board of a new club on campus that involves philanthropy! Lastly, I am also an employee of Springhill Suites over on Joe Mann Blvd.

TLC: Do you feel your experience as a tutor has been beneficial to you?

You: By far, yes! Throughout my previous years, I have loved being a tutor for children that are growing up in or near my hometown. I enjoyed knowing that I could help further a student’s education just by explaining /expanding on a topic, like math, that I grew up loving to learn.

TLC: Would you recommend working at the TLC to your friends?

You: Duh!! All of my friends that have already been to the TLC have loved the atmosphere, so I can’t imagine that anyone wouldn’t enjoy coming in, speaking with a few of us, and leaving with some candy!

TLC: Are you looking for a tutor who is easy going, super friendly and fun to be around? Look no further than Aubree! As you read above, she is full of energy and very invested in life at Northwood University and helping students be successful. Her happy disposition is contagious and a wonderful reason to come to the TLC to study.


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