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Meet Your TLC Tutor

Meet Your TLC Tutor



Meet TLC Tutor Parker

Name: Parker Tillman          Picture of TLC Tutor

How long have you been a TLC tutor: Second Year

Major: Business Administration

Home town: Ada, Michigan

Year in School: Senior

Dream Job: Detective, Entrepreneur, and or Business Consultant



TLC: Other than a student, and a tutor, are you involved in anything else on campus?

You: Yes, I have been a football player for NU since the fall of 2014.

TLC: Do you feel your experience as a tutor has been beneficial to you?

You: Yes, because it has really boosted my communication skills.

TLC: Would you recommend working at the TLC to your friends?

You: Yes, for those that qualify, being a TLC tutor is very rewarding when you are able to help fellow students comprehend concepts from a class.

TLC: As an offensive linemen on our Football team, Parker was placed on the GLIAC All-Academic Excellence team. In addition, he is a two-time wrestling state High School champion and also a two-time Rugby state champion. When he is not getting it done on the athletic field, he is hard at work maintaining his impressive 3.75 GPA!

Meet Your TLC Tutor

Meet Your TLC Tutor

BPA at Northwood University

BPA at Northwood University