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BPA at Northwood University

BPA at Northwood University


Meet Jon Perrault, he is part of BPA here at Northwood. We met up with Jon and asked him a few questions, here is what he had to say.

What is your name, major, and year at NU?

My name is Jon Perrault. I am a freshman here at Northwood and I am studying management in the four-year BBA & MBA program.

How has your first month been at Northwood?

After my first full day at Northwood, I knew it was the right choice. The professors and staff truly care about your education and your success in your career. The campus is the perfect size. The class sizes are small, giving more direct attention from my professors and getting to know them on a more personal level.

Have you joined any on campus groups?

Yes, I have joined several Registered Student Organizations. These include Student Government, Timby Student News, Emerging Leaders (A freshmen only leadership group) and of course, Business Professionals of America. It is so unique to be surrounded by such great leaders who take any challenge given and turn it into an opportunity.

Do you have any recommendations to future students searching for a college?

Make sure to visit as many colleges as you can. The more types of colleges you visit, the more you will know what you like. Don’t go to a certain college because you know someone who is also going there. Choose a college that matches your values and will provide you with future career exploration opportunities.

What has been your favorite part of college at Northwood?

I have had an absolute blast making friends while enjoying the many on-campus events. I never thought that a university of this size would have much to do, but there is always some fun activity to partake in. And when there isn’t anything going on, there is always plenty to do in Midland. In fact, my friends and I recently rented bikes from on-campus and rode along the rail trail to get ice cream.


Students interested in joining BPA may contact for more information on the organization and meeting times. 

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