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Of Values, Freedom and Family

Last Friday, March 23, marked the 59th anniversary of Northwood University’s founding. Established in 1959 and based on the values of individual responsibility, free enterprise and business leadership, the mission then is the same mission that drives Northwood University today: developing the future leaders of a global, free-enterprise society. The celebration event last week was an exciting culmination of Values Emphasis Week. Each year we take an opportunity to reflect on the values which set Northwood apart, and celebrate those in business who exemplify the tenets of our Code of Ethics. Atop the list of these values is freedom, and next week we will celebrate it once more through the speaker sessions at Northwood’s Freedom Seminar.

The seminar’s theme this year is "Freedom to Innovate," focusing on ethical and public policy issues related to innovation in business, government and civil society. Distinguished academic and business leaders will lead discussions investigating current business and economic topics and our students will learn how the precepts of The Northwood Idea apply to the problems of today. You can find the full list of speakers and make plans to attend the lectures by clicking here.

I wish everyone a Happy Easter this weekend and look forward to the exciting spring events in the coming weeks.

Have a great weekend,


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