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The Best "U" We Can Be

At Convocation this past week, we unveiled the theme which we will use to inspire one another, create excitement in our community, and make the most of the Northwood experience. We also showed this video about the Northwood Idea, which I encourage you to share. Convocation is a celebration of new beginnings, and we are looking forward to nurturing the principles of the Northwood Idea and our Code of Ethics this year as we “develop the best you.” We become our best through hard work, and that work is lifelong. We accomplish much, and applaud the accomplishments of others. Through service to our community and dedication to one another, we learn new things about ourselves and we become the best we can be. By developing the best you, we come together as the best “U,” Northwood University, that collectively we can be.

Our values make Northwood University a unique and special place. From first introduction, we differentiate ourselves as believers in individual freedom and responsibility, functioning from a foundation of ethics and integrity. We embrace our collective passion for free-enterprise, and similarly embrace and promote the distinct and diverse differences among us that make us so valuable to one another. Our Code of Ethics: freedom, respect, empathy, spirituality, honesty, achievement, integrity and responsibility, are the basis by which we are able to continue sharing the Northwood Idea with the world.

I reflect upon Northwood’s unique mission and values especially as we near the anniversary of September 11, 2001. Our great country suffered on that day, and the date stands each year as a reminder to us to never take for granted our freedom, our liberty, or the many blessings we enjoy here in the United States of America. The strength of this country, like that of our own campus, comes from the diversity of our community of people from all backgrounds and all ways of thinking. Even through the worst of times, we are able to sustain our respect and empathy for one another with a sense of perseverance, integrity and compassion.

Freedom has many voices, and will be the basis of the Freedom Week lecture series over the next week. I invite you to attend one or more of these impressive lectures, a full schedule is here. We look forward to this new school year, and to sharing and spreading the Northwood Idea and values of our university.

Have a great weekend,


Keith A. Pretty, J.D. President and CEO Northwood University 4000 Whiting Drive Midland, MI 48640 989.837.4203

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Cross-Cultural Experiences

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