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Analyzing Michigan’s Economy

For the last five years, the Michigan Chamber of Commerce has partnered with Northwood University for an exhaustive study into all aspects of Michigan’s economy. The Michigan Economic Competitiveness Study, completed this year through Northwood’s McNair Center for the Advancement of Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship, has placed Michigan’s economy 25th among the 50 states in 2016. This study, released last week, is a critical glance at the Michigan economy in comparison to the other 50 states and offers the most detailed assessment of our state’s economy. In some factors, such as business tax climate, Michigan is closing in on the top 10, ranking 13th nationally in the 2016 study. When the last five studies are analyzed, Michigan is on an exciting trajectory upward. You can find the study and read more on the McNair Center website.

Northwood’s McNair Center, led by Dr. Tim Nash, is positioned to be a leader in providing studies such as this, focusing on the expansion of free-enterprise and the cultivation of entrepreneurs. Here at Northwood, we help to develop the pioneers of free-market thinking. Our McNair Center is a hub of thought-leadership and the study of American economics. We truly believe in the words of our Center’s namesake, Robert McNair: “America’s best days are yet to come.” We believe Michigan’s are as well.

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