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Let Freedom Ring in September

For many, the term “Freedom Week” calls to mind the Fourth of July, lively parades and summer picnics. This past week, September 12-15, was Freedom Week at Northwood University, a time to reflect on what freedom means to us as Americans and as students and faculty at Northwood. Expressed through individual rights and personal responsibility, freedom is the foundation of our country and a value on which Northwood University is grounded. Our founders believed in the Northwood Idea  ̶  that free, enterprising and creative individuals at work in a free, enterprising and creative society produce more and better opportunities and a higher standard of living for everyone. With the freedom to manage choices and stimulate entrepreneurship, we can create a future of prosperity.

During Freedom Week, we provide a public forum for leaders in the global, free-market movement to share insights into current issues, provide historical information and reflect on the concept of freedom and its impact on the world today.

This year’s event, presented with Northwood’s McNair Center for the Advancement of Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship, showcased presentations throughout the week, including:

  • The History of Entrepreneurship in America by Burt Folsom, Charles Kline chair of History and Management, Hillsdale College
  • The Constitution and the Spirit of Enterprise by Anthony Peacock, professor and department head in the Political Science Department at Utah State University
  • The Seven Principles of Sound Policy by Lawrence Reed, president of the Foundation for Economic Education

Thanks to the McNair Center and our many sponsors (visit the webpage for a full list), to all who attended and to Assistant Professor of Economics at Northwood, Alex Tokarev, for his leadership in organizing this enlightening and meaningful event.

Have a great weekend!


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