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Coach Riepma Inspires First “Go Make a Difference (MAD)” Day

“Go make a difference.” It’s a simple saying that has been transforming our Northwood University community. It all began with Northwood University Athletic Director and Football Coach, Pat Riepma, who passed away earlier this year. He inspired our campus with the notion that each one of us can make a difference. He left a legacy of doing all things with compassion, honesty and respect; and we are eager to keep that tradition alive, not just today but every day.

Today the Northwood family is embracing this by hosting the first “Go MAD” Day, a special time devoted to living out the mantra of Coach Riepma.

In partnership with United Way of Midland, our hope is that by the end of “Go MAD” Day, over 500 faculty, staff and students will complete more than 1,000 hours of community service. These projects include building picnic tables, decorating and community clean-up.

Volunteers, recognizable in their blue camouflage shirts, will be spread throughout the community, demonstrating the importance of working together to achieve goals, be accountable for the care and welfare of others, and making a difference in the world in which we live.

Whether you are one of the volunteers who wear a blue camouflage shirt today or if you simply see one, remember you are a catalyst for positive change in your family, community and in all endeavors in your life.

Let’s make Coach Riepma proud. Go make a difference!


Keith A. Pretty, J.D. President and CEO Northwood University 4000 Whiting Drive Midland, MI 48640 989.837.4203

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