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Northwood University, Freedom Week and Constitution Day

This past week, a who’s who of talented, thought-provoking leaders of economics and capitalism—from our own university, across the country and around the world – made presentations for Freedom Week. Authors, entrepreneurs, economists, public servants, political philosophers and even our own students spoke on topics such as capitalism, prevailing wage, libertarianism, free trade and much more. University of Western Australia political scientist and law student Sharni Cutajar discussed the privilege of freedom of speech. Yugoslavian-born Professor Ivan Pongracic Jr. inspired us by speaking on the importance of innovation in our society. Daniel Smith from Troy University debunked myths about inequality and middle class America. Those distinguished speakers were joined by sixteen Northwood students, including Byron Voorheis who motivated the audience with his presentation titled “The Roots of American Liberty.” Additional student presentations covered weighty topics such as the non-aggression principle and libertarianism.

And in so doing, these speakers and the others who shared their national and global perspectives enforced the tenets of the Northwood Idea. They reminded us that political and economic freedom are of paramount importance in unleashing creativity and productivity, and by producing these things, we enhance a competitive system where all who participate benefit. By providing an avenue to share ideas, make connections and learn from each other, Freedom Week became a vital conduit for advancing the Northwood purpose and core values.

These presenters educated us regarding the uniqueness of America and the strength of our nation. They reminded us the U.S. is the only country in history founded on sound biblical principles and authentic ideas of individual rights and personal responsibility. Thursday, September 17, we celebrated the 228th anniversary of the signing of the U.S Constitution on Constitution Day. This great document framed our nation’s government, fundamental laws and basic rights. On Thursday night, Jim Ceaser from the University of Virginia shared his perspective on “What's Behind Our Constitution”

Thank you to those who attended these events and participated. It was most definitely a successful Freedom Week and celebration of the U.S. Constitution.

Enjoy your weekend.


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