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Infusing the Northwood Idea

Very soon, a new class of Timberwolves will arrive at Northwood University. As they are transitioning from high school to college, they are imagining what the next four years will bring as they integrate their learning year-by-year. Our Northwood University faculty and staff realize there is a greater significance than a physical change from home to dorm and high school to higher education. One of our priorities here is to infuse into every aspect of our new students’ lives the critical values of individual responsibility, strong ethics, honesty and integrity.

The knowledge, characteristics and qualities our students perfect here, including those we champion in our Northwood Idea, have been demonstrated time and again to lead to achievement, contentment and a strong sense of purpose. Everything we do academically, administratively, athletically, through experiential learning and in extracurricular activities, ties back to the promise of that Idea.

Our graduates, like all successful adults, will spend the majority of their lives in the work world. Our goal is to equip them with critical skills, but we also strive to build on the intellectual starting point of freshman year to help develop mature, global free-thinkers who lead with passion and leave our campus as advocates for democracy and free-enterprise.

We think that’s a critically valuable mission and we look forward to starting on that journey with the class of 2019.

Make it a great weekend!


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