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World Cups and Independence

Millions of U.S. soccer fans cheered last Sunday when the U.S. women’s team clinched the World Cup final, defeating Japan in Vancouver. In California, fans cheered another U.S. World Cup team to victory when the U.S. woman’s softball team also beat Japan for an eighth title in ten years. The two wins amounted to an extraordinary day in the history of women’s sports. In all of that day’s excitement, it’s not likely these talented athletes, or the millions of U.S. spectators, gave much thought to the celebration of Independence Day that occurred just one day before, or to the ideals our country stands for. Yet their talent and teamwork amount to more than just great athletics. These women are models of responsibility, commitment and hard work. They represent the power of working together toward a mutual goal and the reward of channeling your passions toward a singular purpose.

These are all founding principles of our country and also the principles of Northwood University. At Northwood University, our daily mission is to provide for our learners an environment that thrives on innovation, rewards risk-taking behavior and opens the eyes of our learners to fresh ideas and new thinking.

And when we celebrate the great accomplishments – like those of these U.S. women’s teams – we also appreciate the context in which they were made possible.

On a somber note, we recognize with sadness the passing of Jim John, former Automotive Aftermarket Chair for Northwood University. Jim taught at Northwood University for more than two decades, receiving several prestigious awards during that time. He served the automotive aftermarket industry for more than 40 years. Our deepest sympathies are with Jim’s family. Additional information regarding Jim can be found at this link:

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