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A Plan for Michigan’s Winning Future

Traveling through our great state of Michigan, thousands of families this summer will stop at one of the 78 state-operated rest areas or visit one of Michigan’s 281 beautiful state parks and recreation areas. These valuable state-owned and operated resources offer more than just a respite. According to Pinconning Area High School senior Matthew Albrecht, they could lift an economic burden from the government and promote business growth throughout the state. Matthew is the author of “Privatization in Michigan: The Solution to Michigan’s Economic Troubles.” His compelling, scholarly piece was the winning essay in the 2015 Michigan Chamber of Commerce Foundation High School Essay Contest awarded in May.

The annual statewide contest, conducted in partnership with the Michigan Chamber of Commerce and Northwood University, encourages Michigan high school students to answer the question, “How can Michigan become more economically competitive?” By encouraging students to develop broad practical understanding of economic systems and the skills to communicate solutions, the contest helps them grow into future leaders.

Matthew’s submission echoes the Northwood Idea as a shining example of how competitive, productive effort can result in economic freedom for Michigan. As Matthew concludes, “…privatization is what will make Michigan more economically competitive. Selling or leasing Michigan's abundant government-owned land will put more money in the state's pocket, promote business, and attract people (business owners, workers, and tourists alike) to our truly great state.” Congratulations, Matthew, on a remarkable and well-deserved award.

Read the full essay in Northwood University’s Free Market Library.

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