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College Students, in 10 Words or Fewer

If you had 10 words or fewer to describe a typical college student – what would you say? We’re a university, so we have expertise in many topics, but more than anything else, we know college students. We know what their lives look like. For most of them, their days are full to overflowing with coursework, homework, jobs, clubs, extracurricular activities and sports. The students we know are driven. They study hard and take their learning seriously. They take initiative and create their own opportunities. They participate with great energy in all of their pursuits. They make us proud representing Northwood on the athletic field, at academic competitions and during student-run programs and events. They give their scarce free time back to the community as volunteers, mentors and helping hands.

How would we describe a Northwood student, in 10 words or fewer? It’s hard to define this motivated group of young adults, but here’s an attempt: Involved. Compassionate. Active. Athletic. Scholarly. Conscientious. Community-minded. Generous.

In just a few weeks, these Northwood University learners will leave the role of college student behind to become graduates and alumni. At the same time, our returning students will transition to hometowns, jobs, and summer courses. In either case, it is our privilege to guide and mentor them through this phase of their lives. We believe in them and in the promise of their futures.

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