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The Dignity of Work

As we look forward to the extended break this Labor Day weekend, we need to take a moment to remember the reason for this special day. The purpose of the Labor Day holiday is not simply to take a break from our work but even more to celebrate it. As Orval Watts explained in The Northwood Idea, labor is a characteristic of human progress. It is, he notes, an “investment of human time and energy for long-range, indirect benefits.”

At times, it’s easy to forget just how right Watts is. Yet the truth is, without work civilization is not possible.

Work not only allows us to enjoy a higher material standard of living than we otherwise might, it also reflects the core of our dignity as human beings. It makes everything from education, income, and career training and experience to leisure, culture, and entertainment possible. And it is through activities like these we are able to creatively think and express ourselves while bettering both our lives and the lives of those around us.

So take some time this weekend to give thanks for the dignifying work we do at Northwood University and the positive impact it makes on our lives and for those we serve.

Enjoy the long holiday weekend.


Keith A. Pretty, J.D. President and CEO Northwood University 4000 Whiting Drive Midland, MI 48640 989.837.4203

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