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The Power of Social Media

While the use of social media in business and higher education is by no means new, it remains a marketing tool on the rise. In fact, social media is quickly becoming an integral part of our everyday lives. Most high school graduates today, for example, are not likely to remember a time without the Internet. And in just a few short years, high schoolers will not recall a life without social media, from early tools such as Live Journal and MySpace to today’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This highlights an easy yet significant way you can help promote the Northwood University brand. As friends and employees of NU, you can use your social network to expand our reach and impact exponentially. With the simple click of your mouse you can:

  • Like and follow NU profiles on Facebook and Twitter
  • Like/comment/share posts and re-tweet tweets

For your easy reference, here are some of the most active and official Northwood University Facebook pages and Twitter accounts:

So remember, the next time you wonder, “What can I do to make a positive difference?” take a moment out of your day to share all the exciting things happening at Northwood University with your social networks.

In the meantime, #EnjoyYourWeekend.


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