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The Northwood Idea & Civic Leadership

With the primary election season upon us and the November general elections looming, we are reminded the duties of business and education leaders go well beyond the marketplace and classroom. And with good reason; business and entrepreneurship do not exist in a vacuum. As Milton Friedman reminded us, while government does not have an economic responsibility, it can either encourage and facilitate, or hamper and deter, the activities of those who create wealth. Implicit in Northwood University’s Mission Statement, Code of Ethics, and Educational Outcomes is the understanding our system of enterprise is not possible without the leadership and contribution of everyone, including those whose privilege it is to choose their political leaders. Particular choices aside, each of us who is of voting age has a duty to decide the political issues and races of the day. Doing so is just one more way we at Northwood University can make a positive and lasting difference in our communities and throughout the world.

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