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Increasing Degree Equity—Dual Majors at Northwood University

Increasing Degree Equity—Dual Majors at Northwood University A common topic in the news this time of year is the employment rate for college and high school graduates. Recent articles and blog posts in Bloomberg, Slate Magazine, and CNN Money, for example, highlight the challenges today’s graduates face in an economy now entering its sixth year of recovery.

Still, as always, there is reason for optimism. In a related article in USA Today, the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) reports business majors are a “hot commodity” in this year’s recruiting market, saying, “Nearly 70% of the employers who responded to the survey are hiring business majors.” And while life after graduation—as highlighted in last week’s message—continues to be promising for Northwood University alumni, we are not slowing down in our attempt to offer a greater return on investment (ROI) to current and prospective students. A prime example is our dual majors program which includes the opportunity to increase a student’s knowledge and offers the potential for increased earnings and competitiveness.

As part of our ongoing response to the higher education market, we brought the dual major back to benefit our students both in terms of degree options and their career paths. Students who complete a dual major are not only more knowledgeable, they are also more capable of helping firms adapt to the rapidly changing economy—two very important traits for today’s employees.

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