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Entrepreneurship is at Our Core

Entrepreneurship is a core value at Northwood University.  From our founders, who were true “education entrepreneurs,” through our most recent commencements, we provide proof that entrepreneurship is the key reason many of our students chose Northwood.

Like thousands of Northwood graduates before them, the class of 2014 is filled with entrepreneurs who are leaders such as:

Jake Lockhart, Florida Campus – Inventor, Uppley Phone App Uppley is designed to improve the night club experience by giving patrons the ability to customize and have an active role in the music that is being played directly from their mobile devices.

Sterling Adgate, Michigan Campus – Owner, SLVR Studios   SLVR (pronounced “Silver”) Studios provides video production for a wide range of personal and professional needs, specializing in promotional advertising for businesses.

Taylor Reyes, Texas Campus – Co-Owner, Gymbership Gymbership offers all-inclusive access to a variety of specialty gyms, as well as access to hand-picked local gym membership promotions, for one set monthly price.

David Hunt, Adult Degree Program – Owner/Manager, Big Boy Restaurants Since 1998, David and his family have grown their business from one full-service family restaurant—Big Boy Restaurants—to four locations.

Merle Boyce, DeVos Graduate School– Founder/Owner, Q&A Home Health Services & 1st DFW Community Connection, Inc. Q&A Home Health Services delivers quality home health care to residents in southern Dallas. 1st DFW Community Connection provides specialized home health care (e.g., skilled nursing, physical therapy, and social work) as ordered by patient physicians.

As these and other examples demonstrate, the vision of Drs. Turner and Stauffer of an “all-business” institute was not so radical after all. Because of their entrepreneurship, thousands of other Northwood University entrepreneurs are at work today making the world a better place for all.

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