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Northwood Entrepreneurs Take Their Next Steps

Like many Northwood students, Max Horneffer was looking for the best way to obtain an internship and get a jump start on his career.

“Internships are a wonderful way to not only benefit ourselves but showcase the type of students and leaders that Northwood University produces. I was lucky enough to receive a unique summer opportunity, and I believe the path that led me to it truly shows what this institution can do for its students.” Said Northwood student Max Horneffer

Max’s journey started with a simple idea for a mobile app called Tickettalk, which is an online ticket marketplace that brings buyers and sellers together to be able to negotiate prices in a direct messaging system. He then took his idea to the head of the entrepreneurship department, Professor Jim Hop, who suggested to present their idea at the Northwood University Annual Bauervic Pitch Competition. In just three weeks Max and his roommate put together a complete business model, app design and pitched it to the judges to earn the second place prize of $2,000 to put towards their new business.

Not only did Max and his roommate leave with a cash prize, but they also left with two alumni connections, Judges Chris Moultrup and Dustin Neumeyer. They were urged to apply for and enter their business into a start-up accelerator called TechStars, where the top ten companies would receive a $120K investment into their business. Out of thousands of applicants, Tickettalk was selected amongst the top 40 start-ups. They later interviewed for the selection of the top 20 companies, and although they did not make it through, Max was offered a summer internship in Indianapolis. He will be working in a Business Development role for the ten companies that get accepted into the program.

“Northwood has always meant a great deal to me, with my father attending the school, my only offer to play football and being the most welcoming campus I have ever come across. Now, I have firsthand experience in dealing with what can only be described as the AMAZING network of people that this place brings. Professors and alumni gave their time to two students with a goal, which is not something that occurs everywhere. Thanks to the type of people that Northwood employs and educates, I have been blessed with an opportunity that will change my life.”

Max is a great representation of the Northwood Idea and what it means to be an entrepreneur. His drive towards experiential learning and goals are an inspiration to future and current Northwood students. Congratulations on all of your success and the wonderful opportunities that are in store for you.

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