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Northwood's Honors Program

On Thursday, Northwood University hosted the 7th Annual Jeff Phillips Honors Symposium. This event was recently named after the Symposium founder and former Director of the Honors Program, Jeff Phillips, who retired last spring after 42 years of service at Northwood. The symposium showcases projects done in Honors courses by a select group of students who work closely with a faculty mentor to develop their projects and prepare their presentations.

The Honors Program is unique to Northwood University. Members of the program are able to take courses with smaller class sizes. This places more emphasis on class participation, discussion-based learning, and establishing professional relationships with professors. Honors courses offer experiences outside the classroom, by creating a community of like-minded students dedicated to maximizing the value of their education.

The mission of the Honors Program is to provide a more comprehensive exploration of disciplines used within various professions. Honors courses offer an enhanced range and depth of study through increased quality of work, and not the quantity of work. Students can achieve a Diploma in Honors or a Certificate in Honors as long as they meet the minimum credit and GPA requirements.

This program encompasses the Northwood Idea through the student’s entrepreneurial mindset where they take full advantage of all the university has to offer. I have no doubt that these students will be fully equipped to enter the workforce with the best education from the best institution. They are, in fact, the future leaders of a global, free-enterprise society.

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