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NU Students Competing Globally

NU Students Competing Globally

Here at Northwood, we pride ourselves in our students and their desire for experiential learning. Recently, a group consisting of international and local students have done just that. Team members Natalia Bong, Natasha Bong, Jacob Walters, and Shengyi Wang competed in the Copenhagen Business School (CBS) Global case competition back in February and were declared semi-finalists and ranked top 9 globally.

Northwood University student and CBS Global case semifinalist reflected on her experience.

“This was my first time working with such a diverse group of students. For me, the biggest way CBS Global has impacted me is simply the way it challenged me to think critically within a short 24 hours to read, understand, brainstorm and prepare a 360° strategy for the case.”

CBS Global is a case competition based out of Denmark, where participants all over the world have within 24 hours to read, discuss and put together their business strategy to present the next day. Later that day, the top 20 teams out of over 350 were announced, and the following day the top 9 were selected to give their semi-final presentation.

“Northwood without a doubt makes me realize that students really must walk the extra mile in order to differentiate ourselves and be successful. The high standards and hard work ethic the university has instilled in me continuously reminds me not to settle and to do more.”

These students sought out this competition on their own, without it being an assignment for their classes. They created their own team, built out the support mechanisms they needed to compete for this intense, two-day period and then collaborated very effectively to a stellar performance.

As an institution, we recognize the entrepreneurial spirit that pushes our students to seek out new experiences and opportunities. Congratulations to this group of students who worked tirelessly on this competition. You are an outstanding representation of the Northwood Idea in action.

This begins our “spring break” week for our students, faculty and staff. Travel safely and have a great weekend!



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