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Reflections on Entrepreneurship

Northwood family and friends have the unique opportunity to give insight towards an e-book that will be published by the university describing what entrepreneurship means to them, and what the mind of an entrepreneur should represent.

Many people associate entrepreneurship with owning a business, but here at Northwood it is a mindset that is not only an important element within the university's foundation, but also a key value our staff and faculty instill in our students. We have asked Northwood students, staff, faculty and friends to share with us insight on their entrepreneurial spirit.

Submissions will be compiled into a collective e-book and published by Northwood University at the launch of Values Emphasis Week. This will be an excellent resource for prospective and current students to learn and gain inside knowledge of what it means to be an entrepreneur in the professional world. The fundamentals that Northwood holds in such high regard are one of the many things that make the university so unique in its belief in a global free-enterprise society.

We invite Northwood family and friends to share with us their thoughts on entrepreneurship and encourage other like-minded individuals to do the same. You can leave your submission by filling out the form on this link:

We look forward to seeing the impact that entrepreneurship has had on your life!


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